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Gravity Die Casting

(Also Known As Permanent Mould Or Chill Casting)

A gravity die casting is produced by pouring molten metal into permanent cast-iron moulds (dies). This process produces chill castings. This process has a higher casting rate than sand casting, but the metal dies have a higher initial cost than sand patterns. Gravity die casting tends to produce higher quality castings than sand, and they will have a better accuracy, be dimensionally more consistent and have a much better surface finish.

Skaigh has been gravity die casting for over 46 years and has produced a large variety of castings in various sizes and with very complex shapes. The use of shell cores can create complex internal shapes as well. Skaigh continues to invest in its people and equipment with a rolling programme to replace all its furnaces with Morgan Mark IV/V High Efficiency Recuperative Gas Bale Out Furnaces.

gravity die casting     gravity die casting




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